Weight loss project

In July, I started on my weight loss journey. Lots of friends have inquired about the detox that I completed and I wanted to give a little overview and update on the whole process.

I found Dr. Hyman’s 10 day detox through a friend on Twitter. She always has great workout advice and she updated about her process on the detox and it seemed to really be working for her. I have attempted plenty of detoxes- The Master Cleanse, juice detoxes, green smoothie detox, etc. Nothing really worked for me long term. The one thing that drew me into Dr. Hyman’s detox was that you can actually EAT on it- and really good food at that.

dr hyman detox book

Dr. Hyman has this really great book to inform and help you along the journey. The end of the book includes suggested recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I found the book to be really helpful in learning about sugar and how our body reacts to it. He also goes into how much sugar we are eating but don’t really realize we are eating. For example the jar spaghetti sauce in my pantry has 14 grams of sugar per serving in it! WHAT?! That, to me, is insane. It took me 15 minutes the other day at the grocery store to find a jar sauce that didn’t contain a load of sugar in it (and of course it was expensive!)

The basis of the detox is to eat good fats, non-starchy vegetables, and lean protein. I didn’t count my calories or fat intake. As a matter of fat (did you see what I just did there!) The whole food breakfast smoothie that he includes in the book has 52 grams of fat! In one smoothie!! But its all good fats that our body needs throughout the day! Carbohydrates and sugar are cut out completely from your diet and replaced with good whole foods. It gives your body a quick jump start to get rid of sugar cravings and help aid in weight loss.

I completed the 10 day detox and had a combined loss of about 8-9 lbs. I’m not going to lie the first 3 days on the detox were really hard- like really, really hard. I craved bread, doughnuts, cookies, bagels, ice cream, and everything in between. Then day 4 hit and I felt A-MAZ-ING!! All my cravings disappeared, I saw a significant drop on the scale and I actually felt full after only eating a small portion of food. During the first 3 days, thoughts crossed my mind about “how the heck am I going to be able to finish this detox?” but by the end of the 10 days I wanted to continue it! It had been a while since I felt so good. I got complements on how good my skin looked and on the weight I was losing.

I am still following this plan but not as strict as I did for the 10 days. I am allowing myself to eat some sugars and carbohydrates. But I really don’t crave sugar anymore! I continue to lose weight and that continues to amaze me. I have lost about another 5 lbs since finishing the detox. I’m down about 14 lbs in total since starting this the beginning of July! I never took any measurements- so I can’t tell you how many inches I lost-but I can tell you that I am wearing some Capri’s today that I haven’t worn in well over a year!

Quickly, I wanted to touch on one more thing that I added to my diet–chromium. Dr. Hyman talks about the supplement in the book. It helps break down insulin in the blood stream and helps keep your insulin levels constant throughout the day. I take one pill every morning with breakfast (I think he recommends a little higher dosage.) It has really helped to streamline my insulin levels, and keep them normal all day. I believe this is the reason for my continued weight loss. I got the supplement at my local Publix Pharmacy. It had to be special ordered in, as they don’t keep it normally on the shelf. I found the price to be comparable to other vitamin supplements I take- it was less than $6 for a bottle containing 100 pills and the dosage on the bottle was 1 pill/day.

Sorry if this is long winded and scattered. If you have any questions leave them in the comments, I would love to try and answer them the best I can. I would recommend getting his book off amazon or the kindle edition, as it has a lot of great information in it. His website is also a great resource and has lots of great recipes in addition to the ones in the book!


****Note: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are sincerely my own****

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